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Artemis Fowl 2020

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Director: Kenneth Branagh
Writer: Conor McPherson, Eoin Colfer
Stars: Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, Josh Gad
Releasing Date: 12 June 2020(USA)
Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Watch online free movie Artemis Fowl 2020 without subscription. A 12-year-old boy named Artemis Fowl (Ferden Shaw) is a descendant of the legendary criminal family. In his young years, he had already reached that level of thieves’ skill, which allows him to easily deceive adults. By chance, he learns about the existence of a whole world deep in the bowels of the earth, inhabited by elves, dwarves and other fabulous creatures. Artemis stole gold from the Dwarves and is now looking for him both in the underworld and on the surface. Now viewers don’t have to waste their quality time by registering for a membership on 123netflix stream movies.

Artemis Fowl 2020

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