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Watch Son of God 2014 Movie ?

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    Director: Christopher Spencer

    Writers: Richard Bedser and Christopher Spencer

    Stars: Diogo Morgado, Amber Rose Revah and Greg Hicks

    Releasing Date: 28 February 2014

    Genres: Drama

    Son of God is a 2014 America amazing religious situation film usually based on Indicate Burnett and Roma Downey’s 10-hour miniseries The Sacred holy bible. (more…)

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  • Watch 3 Days to Kill 2014 Movie ?

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    Director: McG

    Writers: Adi Hasak and Luc Besson

    Stars: Kevin Costner, Hailee Steinfeld and Connie Nielsen

    Releasing Date: 21 February 2014

    Genres: Action, Crime and Drama

    Kevin Costner is a risky worldwide spy, who is identified to provide up his great levels lifestyle to lastly develop a nearer connection with his alienated spouse and little girl, whom he’s formerly kept at arm’s duration to keep out of risk. (more…)

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  • Watch Pompeii 2014 Movie ?

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    Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

    Writers: Janet Scott Batchler and Lee Batchler

    Stars: Kit Harington, Carrie-Anne Moss and Emily Browning

    Releasing Date: 21 February 2014

    Genres: Action, Adventure and DramaWatch Winter’s Tale 2014 Movie ?

    79 A.D. will always be kept in mind by people as a terrible season when Pompeii, an stylish town of The capital, was annihilated due to the eruption of Mt Vesuvius. (more…)

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  • Watch Winter’s Tale 2014 Movie ?

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    Director: Akiva Goldsman

    Writers: Akiva Goldsman and Mark Helprin

    Stars: Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay and Russell Crowe

    Releasing Date: 14 February 2014

    Genres: Drama, Fantasy and Mystery

    Set in a mythological New You are able to City and comprising more than a millennium, Winter’s Tale is a tale of wonders, surpassed destinies, and the age-old fight between good and wicked.  (more…)

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  • Watch Stranger by the Lake 2014 Online Movie ?

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    Director: Alain Guiraudie

    Writers: Alain Guiraudie

    Stars: Pierre Deladonchamps, Christophe Paou and Patrick d’Assumçao

    Releasing Date: 24 January 2014

    Genres: Drama

    It is high summer in France and the young Franck therefore attended an idyllic lake with adjoining forest to spend his free days there.  (more…)

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  • Watch Run & Jump 2014 Movie ?

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    Run & Jump (2013) on IMDb

    Director: Steph Green

    Writers: Ailbhe Keogan

    Stars: Maxine Peake, Edward MacLiam and Will Forte

    Releasing Date: 24 January 2014

    Genres: Drama

    Plot: Diseases and love are a dangerous mix at the cinema – and a happy taken. Ever since Arthur Hiller’s Love Story (1970) we know that the combination of feel exuberance and physical fragility too happy seduced to throw the really great feeling machinery, if languished on the canvas to minor-laden violins, suffered and died.  (more…)

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  • Watch Gloria 2014 Movie Online ?

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    Director: Sebastián Lelio

    Writers: Sebastián Lelio and Gonzalo Maza

    Stars: Paulina García, Sergio Hernández, Diego Fontecilla

    Releasing Date: 24 January 2014

    Genres: Comedy and Drama

    Plot: Gloria (Paulina Garcia) is actually 58 bit too old for the disco, but the divorced Chilean lady is looking for an amorous adventure.Because home is Gloria lonely. The neighbor is noisy, and his nasty cat always appears often undesirable in Gloria’s apartment.  (more…)

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  • Watch 300: Rise of an Empire 2014 Movie ?

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    Director: Noam Murro

    Writer: Zack Snyder and Kurt Johnstad

    Stars: Sullivan Stapleton, Rodrigo Santoro, Eva Green

    Releasing Date: 7 March 2014

    Genres: Action, Drama and War

    Plot: Was it really necessary to follow (although it is actually a prequel) to 300 ? The question arises every time a film comes to a controversial amazing how unexpected success, the particularity of the work of 2007 was such as to make immediately in the cult, and when a movie is elected to that rank, (more…)

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