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Watch We’re the Millers movie?

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    ~We're the Millers (2013) on IMDb

    Genres:   Comedy | Crime

    Releasing Date: 7 August 2013 (USA)

    Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

    Writers: Bob Fisher (screenplay), Steve Faber (screenplay)

    Stars:  Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston

    Language: English


    You know what happens when you put together a drug dealer, panic, and a homeless stripper? Arise Miller. This quirky (in) rodinka while at first glance dozen, but can very pleasantly surprised. Watch We’re the Millers movie if you find the story interesting. (more…)

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  • Watch Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013) movie?

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    Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013) on IMDb

    Genres:   Biography | Drama

    Releasing Date: 16 August 2013 (USA)

    Director: Mr. Lee Daniels

    Writers: Wil Haygood, Danny Strong

    Stars:  Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker, John Cusack

    Language: English


    Watch Lee Daniels’ The Butler movie is an biography and drama based movie. Story begins in the United States in the 20s: the young Cecil Gaines (Michael Rainey Jr.) lives with his father (David Banner) and his mother (Mariah Carey). His mother is raped by the evil owner (Alex Pettyfer), shot his father by this short hand for a revolt, but life has still been kind to Cecil. Under the supervision of house lady (Vanessa Redgrave) Cecil is designed for “House Nigger”. He learns the advantage of serving to the hard work, and he himself years later opens the world to explore and finally as a servant in a hotel Washington DC lands. (more…)

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  • Watch Don Jon (2013) ?

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    Don Jon (2013) on IMDb

    Genres:   Comedy | Drama

    Releasing Date: 27 September 2013

    Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Tony Danza

    Language: English


    Watch Don Jon movie to see the new face of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The story starts with Don Jon. After its presentation at Sundance and won during his presentation in the Panorama Special “Don Jon ” section of the Berlin Film Festival in 2013 , he has finally managed to find the way of French theaters , to afford an amazing output … for Christmas. (more…)

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  • Watch Rush movie?

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    Rush (2013) on IMDb

    Genres:   Action | Biography | Drama

    Releasing Date: 27 September 2013

    Director: Ron Howard

    Writers:  Peter Morgan (screenplay)

    Stars: Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde, Chris Hemsworth

    Language: English


    There is a risk that you die every time you get behind the wheel of an approximately one tonne of heavy vehicles, we are all obviously aware. But the odds are, the higher the professional racers who daily put in top gear and are ready to sacrifice their lives. For what? A few laps around an asphalt track in a car sponsored by Ferrari? In the style of the film’s tagline is an attempt to gently bone what drives one to challenge his mortality. Watch rush movie if you are big fan of cars and racing. (more…)

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