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Watch The Girl on the Train (2016) Movie?

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Director: Tate Taylor
Writers: Paula Hawkins (novel), Erin Cressida Wilson
Stars: Haley Bennett, Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux
Releasing Date: 07 October 2016 (USA)
Running Time: 1 Hours 56 Minutes
Genres: Mystery, Thriller

PLOT: “The Girl on the train” story is based around Rachel (Emily blunt), mature a divorcee woman who has lost her marriage life and home. She gets on the train of Every Morning 08:04 way of his work in London. From the train daily passes through their old house. Now in that house her husband lives with his new wife and son. Rachel life is over. It is not just technically, that’s very dramatic but … for she did.

The Girl on the train 

To avoid going down in their own penalties, Rachel decides to focus on looking at a couple, Megan (Haley Bennett) and Scott Hipwell (Luke Evans), who live a few houses down that was his. Then begins to create in your head a wonderful dream life in this seemingly perfect family. Everything changes when one morning Rachel, from the window of the train, witnesses a shocking event. That’s when you become embroiled in a secret and confusing case. Check More Mystery Movie reviews and also give yours.

The girl on the train 2016

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