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The Legion 2020

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Director: Jose Magan
Writer: Carmen Ballesteros, Jose Magan
Stars: Mark Aaron, Marta Castellví, Joaquim de Almeida
Releasing Date: 8 May 2020(USA)
Genres: Action, Adventure, History

The Legion is an activity film. In this film, during the attack of Parthia, two Roman armies have been brought to a halt in the blanketed piles of Armenia. This war leaving them gradually kicking the bucket in the freezing cold. The remainder of the Roman armed force is a fourteen days’ walk away. Also, the area swarms with Parthian watches. Their solitary would like to get out for this dangerous mountains is Noreno, a half-Roman officer. He is depended with the incomprehensible crucial intersection the dangerous landscape to support his men and switch things around of the fight. Download popular movieninja movies free online in high definition quality.

The Legion 2020

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