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This Is 40 (2012) on IMDb

Genres:  Comedy

Releasing Date:  21 December 2012 (USA)

Director:   Judd Apatow

Writers: Judd Apatow

Stars:  Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Maude Apatow

Language: English

Six years after ” Knocked Up : user manual ,” Judd Apatow so back with ” 40 : user manual .” We could blame the lack of creativity of the French distributor ( the film title ” This is 40 ” across the Atlantic ) , but it would be inappropriate for it, since there are a lot of similarities with the game in 2007 and ” 40 : user manual ” could very well act on or spin -off .


We find great pleasure Pete and Debbie and their two daughters, Charlotte and Sadie , a family happily mad – crazy experiencing difficulties , financial, romantic , but also facing the education of his children. As often with the director , the subjects are delicate but very defused either by making sophomoric humor often fly or comical situations and effective , such as disputes between parents. It is close enough to effectively raise a lot of parenting issues and hatch with humor while not hesitating to flay some references.



The entire cast is very effective. The Apatow family in their heart’s content ( Iris Apatow and Leslie Mann are excellent). Charline Yi found here offers a schizophrenic hilarious , Jason Siegel sequence of ” How I met your mother” , imbued with coach himself and sexually obsessed , and among the newcomers, Chris O’Dowd , who camped virtually the same role in ” the Sapphires ” and Megan Fox (official bimbo of the film) who lends his chest “100 % natural” Leslie Mann for a pretty funny scene .


It is easy to imagine, given the age of the director and the casting choices that Judd Apatow is probably based on his own experience to write this movie. The result 2:15 schoolboy situations , sometimes touching , which often fly and are fairly well spaced to avoid boredom despite the length . Maybe not as poilant that 40 Year Old Virgin but certainly much finer .

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