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Director: Chris Williams and Don Hall

Writer: Daniel Gerson

Releasing Date: 7 November 2014 (USA)

Stars: Daniel Henney, Jamie Chung, James Cromwell, Abraham Benrubi

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

Genres: Comedy, Action and Animation

Running Time: 1 hour 48 minutes

Plot: Hiro Hamada is a wonder kid, passionate about technology, who lives in San Fransokyo with his mother and older brother Tadashi. Everything points to consider brilliantly in college to follow in the footsteps of Tadashi as an innovative inventor, but a tragedy makes him a loner.

Until Baymax, a healing robot designed by Tadashi him out of his reverie to team with adrenaline GoGo Tomago, Wasabi’s obsessed with the precision of chemistry genius Honey Lemon and Fred fanboy. The group will become Big Hero 6 must face a masked villain who has stolen one of the great ideas of Hiro, the Microbots.

The boundaries between what is and what is Pixar Disney still blurring, what remains are, ultimately, good stories animation like that concerns us. Big Hero 6 is noted for its fast-paced action and animation increasingly bewildering as far as settings, characters and camera movements are concerned, with the dynamism of titles like Bolt , Ralph Break and The Incredibles .

In what felt homage to Japan through a fictional city whose name adds crosses Tokyo and San Francisco, and with characters and ideas through which John Lasseter , Ed Catnull and company paid its due debt of gratitude to the anime. One of the most endearing is Baymax inflatable robot, which immediately suggests the totemic neighbor Totoro Hayao Miyazaki . Of course, there is the little-known original comic from Marvel, and in that sense Stan Lee gets a fitting tribute.

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