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The Family (2013) on IMDb

Genres: Action | Comedy | Crime

Releasing Date:  5 September 2013 (Germany)

Director: Luc Besson

Writers: Luc Besson

Stars:   Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron

Language: English


Watch the family movie trailer and decide whether you want to watch this film or not. The story is here: Walt and Frank are two brothers living in Brooklyn in 1986. His parents, Bernard and Joan Berkman , form a pseudo-intellectual couple facing several problems: on the one hand he is a writer who has not published a long period , as she begins to stand out with his writings , on the other side of her infidelities constants cause , after a heated argument understood and , decide to divorce , with due implications this represents.

Being ‘ so civilized ‘ state that Bernard should move to another apartment, and the order of custody, determining what days will correspond to each.

Walt and Frank are the same age. Walt round 17 is smart, but not quite. Find your first girlfriend, Sophie, over which he has doubts about his ‘ intelligence ‘. Frank is smaller, and like all pre – teen, already thinking about his future: to be a professional player, but not as McEnroe , but a teaching professional .


Family Stories is the fourth film by American director Noah Baumbach , who is also a screenwriter . The Berkman family history is based on the experiences of his childhood, where like his characters, faced with his brother the divorce of their parents.



In the starring Jeff Daniels as we have Bernard, delivering a performance that makes us forget many mediocre roles she has done. As patriarch and looks frustrated novelist, in his lines and gestures, as in the way it keeps the acting level against Laura Linney (Joan) , in a very able and demonstrates the versatility of actress Yorker (there is only you see the part where they discussed and Bernard street is about to mourn , but it contains , or when Frank tells Joan that she is ugly )


The children, Walt and Frank, played by Jesse Eisenberg and Owen Kline , respectively , provide support and good replica , especially Owen , giving your character a dark and very real air of kids in the middle of a divorce.


As Anna Paquin is secondary, interpertando Lili , the student and love interest of Bernard, as well as William Baldwin (Ivan ) , as coach Frank .


A very enjoyable comedy, well acted and with message that ‘ disfunsionales families ‘ are not isolated, and if they are, is because we fear being part of some. The original title of the film, The Squid & The Whale (The Squid and the Whale) , refers to an anecdote between Walt and his mother , perhaps a metaphor for the stormy relationship between Bernard and Joan , but also could be the relationship generally of this family.

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