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Watch Janis: Little Girl Blue 2015 Movie?

Janis: Little Girl Blue

Director: Amy Berg Running Time: 1 Hour 43 Minutes Writers: Amy Berg Imdb Rating: 7.2 Releasing Date: 27 November 2015 (USA) Genres: Documentary, Drama Plot: Janis Little Girl Blue is a upcoming 2015 American documentary movie directed by Amy Berg about the American singer songwriter Janis Joplin. This movie about Janis Lyn Joplin was a famous American singer and song writer who ...

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Watch Killing Them Safely 2015 Full Movie?

Killing Them Safely

Director: Nick Berardini Running Time: 1 Hour 40 Minutes Writers: Nick Berardini Imdb Rating: 8.8 Releasing Date: 27 November 2015 (USA) Genres: Documentary, Drama Plot: Killing Them Safely is 2015 upcoming movie directed and written by Nick Berardini. This movie shows the story of two brothers found tremendous success. when their own company began selling a device that has been made biggest ...

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Watch My Nazi Legacy Free Movie?

My Nazi Legacy

Director: David Evans Running Time: 1 Hour 36 Minutes Writers: Philippe Sands Stars: Niklas Frank, Philippe Sands, Horst von Wächter Imdb Rating: 6.2 Releasing Date: 6 November 2015 (USA) Genres: Documentary Plot: My Nazi Legacy is upcoming 2015 Hollywood movie directed by David Evans and Writer by Philippe Sands.The movie story is based on a lawyer becomes fascinated with two men both ...

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Watch A Murder in the Park 2014 Movie ?

a murder in the park

Director: Christopher S. Rech, Brandon Kimber Running Time: 1 hour 31 minutes Stars: Dexter Hammett, Kevin Adelstein, Joseph Alex Imdb Rating: 7.6 Releasing Date: 17 November 2014 (USA) Genres: Documentary, Crime, History Plot: A Murder in the Park is a crime drama and documentary. The movie is about a murder where the culprit is set to free while an innocent person is sent ...

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Watch Visitors 2014 Movie ?

Director: Godfrey Reggio Writer: Godfrey Reggio Stars: Jeff Pope and Rob Tunstall Releasing Date: January 2014 Genres: Documentary Plot: The movies of Godfrey Reggio have no conversation, mainly because, in other words the home, he considers that language is an doll designed centuries ago which does not explain our lifestyles today.

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Watch Amazonia 2013 Movie?

Genres: Adventure and Documentary Releasing Date: 27 November 2013 Director: Thierry Ragobert Writer: Johanne Bernard and Luiz Bolognesi Language: English Watch amazonia movie, this is a documentary film released in 27 of November 2013. This is a story of a small capuchin monkey; story begins when a plane crashed in the Amazon jungle. The monkey then took the opportunity to get out of the wreckage of the ...

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Watch Nation 2013 Movie ?

Genres: Documentary Releasing Date:  11 December 2013 Director: Atsushi Funahashi Language: English Not even a year has passed since Fukushima or ‘3 / 11 ‘, as the chain of events from the earthquake, tsunami and atomic meltdown of 11March is known in Japan now 2011. 

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Watch The Punk Singer 2013 Movie ?

Genres: Documentary Releasing Date:  10 March 2013 (USA) Director: Sini Anderson Stars:  Kathleen Hanna, Carrie Brownstein and Kim Gordon Language: English The feminist activity is more powerful now more than ever thanks to the international contentedness offered by the online world. Many more comments now have a community to discuss experiences and hopefully impact modify on a globe that for some purpose still snacks females as second best.

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