Watch Moana 2016 Movie?

Directors: Ron Clements, Don Hall
Writers: Jared Bush
Stars: Auli’i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House
Releasing Date: 23 November 2016 (USA)
Running Time: 1h 37 min
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

PLOT:¬†‘Moana’ 2,000 years ago in the South Pacific. Vaiana is a passionate and fearless young man who lives in this ancient and exotic world. She is the only daughter of the leader of a tribe inhabiting these islands and belongs to a family of several generations of sailors. Vaiana is the desire to explore the world sailing through the ocean. Since first of all it is a dreamer who feels a special bond with the sea.

Moana 2016 movie


She will embark on an epic journey to meet the search started their ancestors. In his adventure into a legendary island, Vaiana will join a talking pig and a rooster named Pua Heihei name, plus a legendary demigod called Maui. Together they will cross the open ocean, and find your way a lot of action, huge sea creatures, underworlds amazing and ancient cultures. Check More 2016 Animation Movies reviews and also give yours.