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    Director:  John H. Lee
    Writers:   Man-Hee Lee (screenplay), John H. Lee (screenplay)
    Stars:   Liam Neeson, Jung-jae Lee, Beom-su Lee

    Plot: Operation Chromite is a Korean war drama film based on real life events on the battle of inchon. South Korean Navy Special Forces, Captain Jang Hak-soo and 7 members of the KLO (Korean Liasion Office) unit disguise themselves as a North Korean inspection unit and infiltrate the North Korean army command center in Incheon.

    Their mission directives from Gen. MacArthur are:

    1. Recon enemy forces in Incheon and secure the mine chart,

    2. Kidnap ‘Ryu Jang-choon,’ the second highest ranking officer in the North Korean command center, to acquire intel on the naval mine location and 3. On D-Day, light the

    3. On D-Day, light the Palmido light house as a signal to the main UN forces.

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