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Watch Evil Dead movie ?

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    Evil Dead (2013) on IMDb

    Genres:  Horror
    Releasing Date:  5 April 2013 (USA)
    Director: Fede Alvarez
    Writers: Fede Alvarez (screenplay), Rodo Sayagues
    Stars: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas
    Language: English

    Watch Evil Dead movie the real horror and blockbuster hit movie. The story starts with a little girl and a mother. By entrusting her baby , Sam Raimi knew what he was doing. Fede Alvarez , who loves ” Evil Dead” – he rightly considered a classic of the horror film – never wanted to do a remake. The young Uruguayan director of 35 years is smarter than that. If part of the same basis as the original, the reboot reinvents masterpiece of 1981, with total respect for the work of his master. (more…)

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