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Watch the family movie?

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    Genres: Action | Comedy | Crime
    Releasing Date:  5 September 2013 (Germany)
    Director: Luc Besson
    Writers: Luc Besson
    Stars:   Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron
    Language: English

    Watch the family movie trailer and decide whether you want to watch this film or not. The story is here: Walt and Frank are two brothers living in Brooklyn in 1986. His parents, Bernard and Joan Berkman , form a pseudo-intellectual couple facing several problems: on the one hand he is a writer who has not published a long period , as she begins to stand out with his writings , on the other side of her infidelities constants cause , after a heated argument understood and , decide to divorce , with due implications this represents. (more…)

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