Watch Amazonia 2013 Movie?

Amazonia (2013) on IMDb

Genres: Adventure and Documentary

Releasing Date: 27 November 2013

Director: Thierry Ragobert

Writer: Johanne Bernard and Luiz Bolognesi

Language: English

Watch amazonia movie, this is a documentary film released in 27 of November 2013. This is a story of a small capuchin monkey; story begins when a plane crashed in the Amazon jungle. The monkey then took the opportunity to get out of the wreckage of the plane and start his discovery of the virgin forest. Discovered in closing the last Venice Film Festival, “Amazonia” was released just two weeks after the disappointing new documentary by Luc Jacquet , ” It was a forest .” Contemplative, but especially with a small scenario really inventive film that will delight young and old alike. Movie not only to bring beautiful images and glimpses of exotic creatures rarely, if ever, seen on the screen, but uses perfectly mimic the human dimension of its protagonist, a small capuchin monkey, far in captivity. Learning to eat by itself, to protect themselves from powerful thunderstorms or potential predators, little monkey will brave the dangers, into the night. Read your favorite movie reviews and read coming soon movies reviews without create any account.


Playing audio visual moods as the director offers us a journey into the unknown, where other species (are sources of worry, danger or fun interactions. Without overdoing it by a simple contact of the animal with his fellow man or the director his message on the captivity and species conservation. It also describes the transition to adulthood and learning the relationship a structured society, putting his hero face his own instincts. Offering a few moments of respite to his hero over a fast-paced adventure, he took the opportunity to show the wonders that still has the Amazon rainforest, a microscopic point of view as macroscopic.  A real success, visual and poetic, which will delight children, while reviving the soul child the greatest. So enjoy the film with whole family. Read latest movies reviews and also watch Hollywood movies online for free.