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Genres:   Drama

Releasing Date: 7 August 2013 (France)

Director: Claire Denis

Writers:  Jean-Pol Fargeau (screenplay), Claire Denis(screenplay)

Stars: Vincent Lindon, Chiara Mastroianni, Julie Bataille

Language: English


A provocative title : ” The bastards .” This is the last film by Claire Denis , in Un Certain Regard at the 66th Cannes Film Festival. A violent image to start. Justine , a teenager wanders naked and heels on the streets of Paris , blood running down her leg , probably a victim of sexual abuse.


His uncle Marco leaves the supertanker that is commander to come to Paris investigate and find those responsible for this crime. It is carried out very quickly by his sister Sandra on track man Edward Laporte case and settled in the building where his mistress , with whom he lived a dramatic love story in every way lives .


Dark, decadent but sometimes delicate in its design of horror, the last work of the director takes us into a world haunted by unanswered questions, where each new discovery is more terrible than the last. Who are the bastards ? Who are the victims? Victims are also responsible ? Vincent Lindon, caught in the spiral of horror, just to pick up the pieces of the puzzle , which is also engaged more awkwardly in a dangerous liaison with Raphaelle , the centerpiece of the identified bastard.