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The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012) on IMDb

Genres:  Drama

Releasing Date:  1 November 2013 (USA)

Director: Felix Van Groeningen

Writers: Johan Heldenbergh (play), Mieke Dobbels

Stars:  Veerle Baetens, Johan Heldenbergh, Nell Cattrysse

Language: English

The same one that had landed naked bike for his previous feature film ” The Misfortunates ” in Cannes – – The Flemish director Felix Van Groeningen invites us to dive , this time in the privacy of a fusion torque . For a non-chronological construction, fully controlled , the viewer follows the tragic fate of a couple in love , formed by an amateur musician and tattoo artist , Didier and Elise . 

Opening onto a delivery group of the first country , the narrative alternates between past and present to show the struggle of love against fate.Intense melodrama , this feature film is first and foremost with a smart script , full of truth and sincerity, which cleverly avoids all the usual nonsense like that. For if the emotion is palpable on the film is subtly the filmmaker manages to bring tears to our eyes.

Aesthetically very successful , especially thanks to a remarkable work on photography , ” Alabama Monroe ” multiplies the scenes of extreme intensity , managing to mix humor and tragedy with agility. The strength of the story enough , the director wisely avoids any effect of ostentatious style .



The chemistry between the two main characters is perfect, transcending the passionate relationship of the couple in a variety of shades . However, the most refractory to country music may soon be horrified by this film , the musical sequences are galore. If these musically transpose the characters’ emotions , many were not needed , which ultimately reduce the power of the narrative.


But the perfect casting , and the energy and enthusiasm that emerges this film, enough to make us forget the slight musical overdose. In a lively beauty , ” Alabama Monroe ” takes guts , it evoking themes against which it is difficult to remain indifferent . If thinking about religion and faith is somewhat awkward , how is treated the decline of the couple facing the various adventures eventually take us . The phases they pass through each survivor as he can, are shown with incredible accuracy, without pretense. It would be a shame not to get carried away by this experience due to some blunders …