Watch disconnect movie?

Disconnect (2012) on IMDb

Genres:   Drama | Thriller

Releasing Date: 16 May 2013 (Hong Kong)

Director:   Henry Alex Rubin

Writers:  Andrew Stern

Stars:  Jason Bateman, Jonah Bobo, Haley Ramm

Language: English

Watch disconnect movie the new Walt Disney, after Finding Nemo was actually a production Pixar returns to traditional animation itself , at least without being completely synthetic image . And I must say that it’s almost nice to see the inimitable style of the Disney house. Because with this new movie , the studio may try one last time to ensure the sustainability of its first art .


Drawings and great lyrical moments are always so well integrated into the film, as almost always from the success of The Lion King . But this recipe, assumed more and more like an inheritance, forced and limit the creativity of writers and director . The scenario without being agreed , does not seem very inspired , and it is once again in casting the bottom hurts because as always we are entitled to endless comic related .



This time were elk, which tend to break the film ! The first third of the work is an ode to nature and its inhabitants, where drought fighting between man and animal is fully transcribed in the midst of scenery on the edge of dream . The first encounter with the bear hunt through its lifting up his body by the spirit of nature, all seems to go together on an epic and environmental film. And patatra !


From this last portion , which concludes with the transformation of the young Indian in Bear , the film falls into the usual caricature. With a lot of history of friendship, awkwardness and comedy , dosage sleep instead of drunk. The recipe does not work and all seems kind. This is also one of the greatest wrongs of producers who do not realize they are sawing off the branch on which they sit . The show down and the magic no longer works , even if the design and the importance given to the scenery, wide open spaces made ​​forests and snowy mountains , suggesting a better.


Ultimately a confusing film, which does not assume the beginning or the promising potential of the story, despite drawing on , and beautiful scenery .