Watch Divergent 2014 Movie ?

Director: Neil Burger

Writer: Evan Daugherty and Vanessa Taylor

Stars: Shailene Woodley, Theo Jamesand Kate Winslet

Releasing Date: 21 March 2014

Genres: Action, Adventure and Romance

In the not too distant future, the world is divided into five fractions. It divides people according to their destination one. The 16-year-old Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior ( Shailene Woodley ) is to be assigned to a group. They will determine their way of life from now on. However, the suitability test to determine their true determination is inconclusive. As so-called Indeterminate valid Tris from now on as a danger to society and is expelled from its center. The girl decides to leave her former fraction, the Altruan, and to join the Firefox. Here she soon gets into a conflict that not only you, but also the lives of their loved ones at risk. Read Coming Soon movies reviews from virus free connection.

“Divergent – The determination” based on the first part of the trilogy “The statement,” the 1988-born author Veronica Roth to the sequels “The determination – Deadly Truth” and “The determination – Last decision” belong. The pattern of the film series is similar to the ” Twilight “trilogy and the” Hunger Games “series and the” Mortal Instruments “Sage: The films are based on templates of authors, whose novels have young women as role models, and in particular at a young female audience are addressed. Conceptually serve both the books and the movies like the fantasy, horror or science fiction genre, the dramatic backbone of the genre by the ideological belief of the authors on the one hand and to adapt to the taste of is the target audience on the other hand enriched and reinterpreted. Watch online movie stream for free without pay any charges.