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Genres: Comedy, Crime and Drama

Releasing Date:  4 April 2014 (USA)

Director: Richard Shepard

Writer: Richard Shepard

Stars: Emilia Clarke, Jude Law and Demian Bichir

Language: English

The last twelve years has safecracker Dom Hemingway (Jew Law) spent in jail for refusing to testify against the crime boss Mr. Fontaine (Demián Bichir). Now, when he is released, he wants to make up for lost time as quickly as possible. So he rushes immediately after his release, to the man who married his now deceased wife during his absence and beats this hospital ripe.Then it’s off to the pub, where Dom meets his faithful sidekick thickness (Richard E. Grant), immediately a few pints down empty beer and a little later with two women and some cocaine disappears in a room. Watch New Online Movies for free without create any sign up account.

The next day, however, he pays the price for his first wild night of freedom. With bad headache he sits down in the train to France, where Mr. Fontaine is waiting with a bunch of money on Dom. But even on the beautiful property of the gangster and in expectation of his reward can not control his temper Dom and provides thereby further trouble.

Danny Boyle, it can no longer hear determined. For years, fans and journalists ask about the status of Trainspotting sequels, without that what would happen. But fortunately there are other directors, which can meet the demand for dirty, black humorous Brit entertainment. In this case, these do not even come from the UK, such as The New Yorker Richard Shepard proves. With Dom Hemingway this sets a pretty loopy work off what could be the little brother of the cult film from 1996
But not only to Trainspotting remembers this movies here. About Significant bows are also compared with the works of Guy Ritchie and Nicolas Winding Refn’s Bronson identify. The film begins Wonderfully diagonally with a sequence praises for several minutes in the Jew Law as Dom his penis to the skies. This is equal to the direction in front, as the movie remains so politically incorrect as possible, including the repeated use of offensive F word in almost every sentence. What follows after the opening monologue, is less a story, but there are episodes from the life of a grown old in prison, violent drunkard, although it tries to do the right thing, but still always ends in disaster. This sounds tragic, but thanks to the black humor very funny.
A film that follows focuses on his “hero” and whose name even is the title, stands and falls with its main characters – and Jew Law disappointed one bit. The other Spränzel has angefuttert for this movie masse kilos and plays his part like on drugs. Nevertheless, he manages to portray his cathedral in a way sympathetic. This has to do, among other things with the direct and rebellious nature of the protagonist and thus that such underdogs you like as a viewer, that can not be defeated. If Dom said in a scene that smoking in bars was abolished during his absence, you will not escape, because of the missed twelve years even feel sorry for him – even if he then seconds later defies this rule. Personally, one might not encounter him on the street. But the safe observing on the screen brings a non abzusprechende fascination with it.