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Genres:     Drama | Music | Romance

Releasing Date: 16 October 2013 (France)

Director: Louise Archambault

Writers: Louise Archambault

Stars: Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Alexandre Landry, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin

Language: English

For his second feature film , Louise Archambault decided to plunge into the world of the mentally retarded . Following the fate of two young lovers , she is interested in lives of these disabled people and claims that they can wear them. Light film about love that disability , ” Gabrielle ” is full of truth and sincerity, asking many relevant considerations , including the legitimate aspirations of autonomy and right to sexuality that transmit the protagonists. For Gabrielle Martin , regardless of their condition, have the right to love as anyone else , so far , the family members will oppose this idyll . The couple will then do everything to live their love openly, regardless of the rules of the specialized center where they spend most of their time .


If all heart and good will of the director is felt , there , unfortunately, a clumsy narrative merely well-oiled machinery to move the spectator . With delicacy, yet filmmaker manages to capture beautifully Gabrielle Marion Rivard, unprofessional actress, highlighted by each plan and whose charming smile illuminates the film. Undeniably, the film is affected by a certain grace , a sweetness that suspends time and we radiates good vibes . But the subject was highly dangerous , perhaps too much, and the director falls full foot into the trap of feeling good .



The film will then cease to multiply and calibrated stereotypical scenes to soften us up to fall in overdose marshmallow . If true empathy is created for the protagonists , it is mitigated by the large strings with which the filmmaker tries to manipulate us. Between documentary and fiction, ” Gabrielle ” loses its original qualities by taking the tangent of melodrama , and even the breathtaking performance of Alexandre Landry , the only professional actor , is unable to catch up. And finally , forcing our hand , the film takes us hostage , preventing us to enjoy the show while it is indisputable that the message is sufficient in itself.