Watch Jackie & Ryan 2015 Movie ?

Director: Ami Canaan Mann

Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Writers: Ami Canaan Mann

Stars: Katherine Heigl, Ben Barnes, Clea DuVall

Imdb Rating: 5.9

Releasing Date: 3 July 2015 (USA)

Genres: Drama, Romance

Plot: The movie starts from participating and affectionate evocation of the great tradition of American folk music to get to talk about love, roots and women’s maternal and salvific.The protagonist Ryan is a fact of our day Woody Guthrie, a boy who lives wandering across the US that crosses jumping aboard freight trains accompanied by his guitar and his music.

And in a remote country of Utah , the protagonist meets Jackie – who has the face of a doll polish Katherine Heigl , looking for a relaunch of his career – a young mother with a pending divorce , a former pop diva who He chose to return with her daughter in the land of his childhood , leaving the complications of the Big Apple.


From the Great Depression to the crisis of our time, through the years of protest that led to the cinema of the New Hollywood where Mann looks without disguise, the roads for the rescue and economic recovery and esistenzale confirmed always the same: love, music and cinema. And Jackie and Ryan, of these ingredients, there never neglect any of them.