Watch The Lone Ranger movie ?

The Lone Ranger (2013) on IMDb

Genres:     Action | Adventure | Western

Releasing Date: 3 July 2013 (USA)

Director: Gore Verbinski

Writers:  Justin Haythe (screenplay), Ted Elliott

Stars: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, William Fichtner

Language: English

“Watch The Lone Ranger movie”, film is rooted in American popular culture , then it is no longer a vague memory for those in France , already watched television in the 70s . Suffice to say , therefore , that for the younger generation , ” Lone Ranger” is a more western in a cinematic landscape that rather doomed to failure the summer blockbusters venturing into the genre.


The main idea to reinvigorate the heroes of old, is to have blown this whole vigilante who does not know, a healthy dose a recipe for success already proven.

We therefore kindly let seduced by the first half hour of the film, effective as hell, centered around an attack on a train, to release a prisoner to be executed shortly. The waterfalls are spectacular, the supercharged pace, installing sympathetic characters and visual humor and cracked rather welcome.



Unfortunately, after the film ends up drowning in a flood of litigation , revenge, and subplots telephoned , who despite a background of conquest of the West disrespectful to the survival of indigenous communities , wipes all the cliches of the genre, through all types decorations. The antics of Johnny Depp a fun time, the charisma of Armie Hammer fails to assert itself as the main protagonist, while bidding in the twists and turns that the latest lawsuit train, which arrives after 2:10 more film, looks with some hope of deliverance .


This does not detract from the mastery of action scenes, Verbinski perfectly mastering rhythm and sequences, waterfalls and chestnuts, alternating choreography tightened and plans spectacular sets. We have just loved it renews a bit and especially to learn to make it shorter … much shorter.