Watch Love & Mercy 2014 Movie ?

Director: Bill Pohlad

Writer: Oren Moverman and Michael A. Lerner with Brian Wilson

Running Time: 02 Hours

Stars: John Cusack, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks

Imdb Rating: 7.3/10

Releasing Date: 5 June 2015 (USA)

Genres: Biography, Drama, Music

Plot: The scenes of the recording of Pet Sounds are really exciting, are among the best in the film. The work of Paul Dano and John Cusack is more than correct. Fortunately, there is an attempt to make them look physically the two versions of the musician,

but is in the composition of the character’s search for coherence. Beyond the ups and downs in the narrative, the film has highlights. The scenes in which the gestation of the legendary album of the Beach Boys looks are the most exciting film. If Love & Mercy wants the viewer to fall in love Pet Sounds, he succeeds.



In 1964, during a trip with the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson suffered a panic attack on board a plane. That is why we decided to stay in Los Angeles and find a replacement for the tour to be undertaken by the band in Japan and Hawaii. At the same time, get the disc Rubber Soul Beatles, leading to Brian Wilson to think of a more ambitious project. He goes into the studio with renowned musicians, used onidos rare (such as bicycle bells and barking dogs): this is the birth of Pet Sounds, one of the most important albums in rock history.

Twenty years later, we see an adult Brian Wilson and at its worst. Living under the guardianship of her psychiatrist and practically can not go out alone on the street. In turn, is under the effect of a variety of drugs and her psychiatrist uses unusual methods to treat his patient-star. In one of its outputs he meets Melinda a seller of cars, who will try to bring a little happiness to the life of the musician.