Watch The Nut Job (2014) Movie ?

Genres:     Animation | Adventure | Comedy

Releasing Date:  17 January 2014 (USA)

Director: Peter Lepeniotis

Writer: Lorne Cameron, Peter Lepeniotis,

Stars: Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fraser

Language: English

Watch The Nut Job (2014) Movie  :- The Nut Job Movie is 3D animated movie. This movie have lot of fun, fresh and funny movie that enjoy all family members together. Peter Lepeniotis wrote story on the squirrel who survive for the food in winter. In this movie ,  the squirrel named as Surly who living in the park. But his local squirrel community  banished from that park. After that Surly force to survive for the food in the street of city. He arrive street to street in city for finding the food finally he get the nut store. He planned for robe that nut ‘s shop. He firstly make a team of rats, moles, and gophers at his side for his achievement that he should eat like a king of rodents.You can watch online movies with good audio and picture quality.

In this movie the all friends of Surly tried many time for robbing the nuts store but they failed. All trying again and again in the end of movie they are succeed in their plain and after that they all enjoyed with their collection nuts. After reading the story you all are excited to watch this movie. This movie will release on 17 January 2014 (USA). So, wait for watch this movie .