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Genres:    Action | Adventure | Mystery

Releasing Date: 19 April 2013 (USA)

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Writers: Karl Gajdusek (screenplay), Michael Arndt(screenplay)

Stars:  Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough

Language: English


Watch Oblivion movie, a action, adventure and mystery movie. In 2077, the planet Earth is devastated. The huge buildings of human civilizations are covered by sand. This desert area is now occupied by aliens known as the “Scav’s.” The entire population was repatriated in a huge ship parked at the edge of the atmosphere holding three stations extracting water to turn it into energy.


The mothership also deploys drones in place to identify and destroy the alien presence. In the middle of no man’s land, Jack and Vika, whose memories have been erased, are responsible for the safety and maintenance of these drones. But Jack is constantly dreaming of a past life, and especially of a mysterious woman who haunts.



Joseph Kosinski back just two years after the ” Tron: Legacy ” to suit his own graphic novel, co-written with Arvid Neson. We recognize, if only to view the trailer, the videogame influence of director. “Oblivion ” presents an unrecognizable Earth, completely devastated , and apart from a few remnants of buildings here and there dotting the surrounding desert , it is difficult to imagine that this planet was once inhabited . At present, the only significant activity remains huge machines pumping oceans and drones programmed to kill an alien invasion for less discreet…