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Pain & Gain (2013) on IMDb

Genres:  Comedy | Crime | Drama

Releasing Date:   26 April 2013 (USA)

Director: Michael Bay

Writers:   Christopher Markus (screenplay), Stephen McFeely(screenplay)

Stars:  Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Anthony Mackie

Language: English

Watch Pain and Gain movie and enjoy the drama, comedy and crime together. For years, Michael Bay wanted to realize his personal dream project Pain & Gain. Due to the huge financial success of Transformers, there was only a long time not to, because the studio could not so easily pull the director. After completion of the trilogy Bay finally found the time to do it. A much smaller film should be different from its other big-budget blockbuster. Pain & Gain actually has cost only $ 26 million, which is amazingly low for a Hollywood film, which is yet unnamed way busy. But that’s basically it with the definition of small film, because the glossy end result looks anything but that


Visually Pain & Gain is immediately recognizable as a typical Michael Bay movie. Various color filters are used , several slow-motion effects are used, there are tracking shots through windows and walls and , of course, should not the American flag waving in the wind are missing. This sheer testosterone- charged men and a lot of young, naked women. Welcome to the world of Michael Bay.



Pain & Gain based on a true story. If the notice does not appear at the beginning, you would never take that into Eracht . Bay uses the wacky template as a playground and thereby makes his own absurd ideas run free. Anyone who has ever bothered to Bays humor that finds its way into almost all his films, it is not simply with Pain & Gain, because this feels like a wild roller coaster ride through Bay’s mind. Thus the humorous approach is also held, Pain & Gain with time but always darker, harder and macabre. While also scenes in which time zerhakt then already dead or have a barbecue in retrospect, always interspersed with funny sayings, in order not to completely lose sight of the fun, but the movie is anything but family-friendly.
Since Pain & Gain with time is getting crazier, is the indication that everything is based on true events that appear during the movie again. This reminder is for the viewer sorely needed, as it has most likely forget this fact in all of the nonsense that been happening on the screen already been back.


The film is basically a satire on the American dream. Repeatedly uses Bay typical features as steep templates for more humorous ideas. However, with time, the dream develops a true nightmare for all involved.