Watch Parkland movie ?

Genres:  Drama
Releasing Date: 4 October 2013 (USA)
Director: Peter Landesman
Writers: Peter Landesman
Stars: Zac Efron, Tom Welling, Billy Bob Thornton
Language: English

Watch Parkland movie, the director and writer Peter Landesman offers a new approach to the assassination of JF Kennedy. Are not interested in a possible conspiracy , it leaves completely aside the motives of the murder , to better focus on the consequences of this event on the people that are indirectly related . Among them was Abraham Zapruder , a reporter who filmed the live scene and continued to run despite the violence of the moment, Robert Oswald , brother of the shooter and his unworthy mother , or an FBI investigator who already held a folder on Lee Harvey Oswald before he was accused of fatal shooting …


If you will question the frenzied use of handheld camera and sudden zooms, aiming to translate the agitation around the injured or precipitation repatriation of the body, the bill is still quite illustrative for an American independent film. The assembly has more good idea to avoid the images of fire, ultra known, either during the reconstruction of the shooting, or when their projection once the developed images.



With some tact, deliberately paradoxical result of the panic, the scenario evokes the upheaval of all simple lives, the brother of the shooter and disbelief shared protective instinct and weight dishonor on his name at Zapruder , overwhelmed by the treasure that he has in his possession , questioning the need for the dissemination of images, which could be seen as a sign of greed , but it feels like an essential tribute .

Unfortunately, the characters of the mother obsessed with sudden fame, investigator harassed by his superiors for having neglected the threat posed by Oswald, and the young doctor, are barely sketched. Many flaws and inaccuracies that leave the feeling that “Parkland” is an independent small-scale production, then it could have been a choir of any size film