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Watch a Single Shot movie ?

A Single Shot (2013) on IMDb

Genres: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Releasing Date:    20 September 2013 (USA)

Director: David M. Rosenthal

Writers:   Matthew F. Jones (novel), Matthew F. Jones(screenplay)

Stars:    Sam Rockwell, Kelly Reilly, Jeffrey Wright

Language: English


Watch a Single Shot movie, this film describes both the solitude and slow despair of a man who has failed at everything and live in a mobile home in the woods, tucked away in a remote village. His desperate attempt is to reconnect with his wife, with whom he is divorcing, and therefore with her ​​baby. After mistakenly shot a young woman he sees in a briefcase found near the body, a solution to all his problems, ignoring the gear he just trigger.


Adapted from the novel by Matthew F. Jones A week in hell, “A Single Shot” especially interested in his description of an environment redneck, remote village deep in the United States. In that village everyone seems to know the final, which makes it potentially possible secret to hide. Around its main character, pursued not by the police but by a band of thugs. David M. Rosenthal therefore built a tacky atmosphere in an almost permanent darkness, whose success owes much to a fine job on the light and sound.


Worrying dotted supporting roles murkier each other around the character of Sam Rockwell (just between hope misplaced and overwhelming sadness), the scenario is unfortunately too easy to wander in coincidences or implausible situations. The plot turns suddenly less effective in its implementation in its resolution.

These last hours of a man not very smart, but the instinct of survival and mixed hunting, so gaining power at the end, while flirting with the limits of horror movie. Remains that at no time do we believe that the hero of the film can be in anything other than a final impasse. The story seems good and interesting, hope the movie will give the same feedback to its producers.