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Spring Breakers (2012) on IMDb

Genres:   Crime | Drama

Releasing Date: 22 March 2013 (USA)

Director: Harmony Korine

Writers: Harmony Korine

Stars: Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson

Language: English


Watch Spring Breakers movie a crime and drama movie. A kind of video clip in slow motion, throngs of swimwear , bodies dancing , sexual gestures, and begins ” Spring Breakers “, the new provocative signed Harmony Korine , former co -writer Larry Clark.

Posing idleness and easy money as background pretty young impressionable girls , the scenario leads us easily in the wake of a quartet braqueuses in herbs as superficial as well rolled. Harmony Korine may well once his characters between hotels, swimming pools and beaches, illustrate the primary romping and debauchery associated with teenage impulses , through scenes drag , dancing and taking drugs. Constructing an artificial paradise, it highlights the idyllic and festive look , amplifying the colors of shirts , or using red filters for taking coke and transforming toy weapons delivering a dose of alcohol or serving enhancing accessory. Still, it also highlights , for managed transitions without firearms , the potential danger for his young sheep.



Paralleling shots son girls and their parents for more images like video clip , mounting ” Spring Breakers ” says ironically some words become meaningless in the mouth of these girls . Describing the joy of being there, he emphasizes the beauty of the place by illustrating guys pissing . Similarly, images, all the great friends that young women are made on site , become a gaggle of pairs of buttocks. The innocence thus turns into stupidity , unconsciousness, until their first descent into hell and the arrival of the character of James Franco, white gangsta dreadlocks and gold teeth. Both DJ and rapper – dealer, it is the epitome of easy money, obvious culprit never condemned , which is yet indulged in all possible illegal activities.

Highlighting the lies quartet girls, Korine mixes genres and entertains figures such fashion rapper filthy , or half angel, half demon star, while denouncing an American dream totally misguided . He even told one of his characters ” I realize my dream true,” while the film itself seems to take the form of a male fantasy which girls write almost wisely in bloom. This at least until the long bedroom scene of ” hotel, where the balance of power seems to be reversed , and where you can find simulated fellatio unusual .


As if men did not end the only exclusive stupidity. However it is worth to be patient and ignore the first impression , to be lulled by this cynical tale vision of America has lost sight of his dream, and an adolescence when self-discovery and his fellows, is of particular significance.