Watch Stranger by the Lake 2014 Online Movie ?

Director: Alain Guiraudie

Writers: Alain Guiraudie

Stars: Pierre Deladonchamps, Christophe Paou and Patrick d’Assumçao

Releasing Date: 24 January 2014

Genres: Drama

It is high summer in France and the young Franck therefore attended an idyllic lake with adjoining forest to spend his free days there. He is very well aware that it is the beautiful part of the world to a so-called “Cruising Spot” is, in other words a place to meet gay men to meet and sometimes go to the forest for a tryst. One day Franck learns the geek Henri, who always sits slightly away from the hustle and bustle and rather passively observed. The result is a friendship.The exact opposite of Henri, meanwhile, is the well-built Michel (Christophe Paou), the Franck has a magical attraction. This does not change even when Franck secretly watched as his friend Michel in the lake brutally drowned. After all, so now the way for the young man, but what assures him that Michel does not also does the same thing with him at the end of the summer? A dangerous game begins. Read Opening Week Movies reviews for free without pay any charges.

In television magazines are often not distributed for the entire work, stars, but also for the amount of action, claim, humor, suspense and eroticism. In L’inconnu du Lac latter box would definitely be filled with lots of asterisks, because here we get felt every ten minutes to see men making love. The crime story that is built around it, but know so absolutely not convincing, which makes the sex scenes for the mere purpose and can also deteriorate a little provocation. Watch Online Movies For Free from safe and secure connection.
It is refreshing, as naturally and openly director Alain Guiraudie deal with the issue of homosexuality. On such a “Cruising Spot” it’s just something revealing to and fro, so Guiraudie also it keeps times. But at some point the whole meat inspection is only embarrassing and is outraged, especially in this day and age anyone. With the murder at the end of the first third a little voltage is then built, but this is zunichtegemacht quickly again with the same old scene sequence and the immediate revelation of the offender. We and the main character know that Michel is the bad guy. But why Franck then all the time looking for its proximity, is not really clear. Guiraudie cites as reasons the fear of being alone and the attraction of the strong Michels. But these statements are clearly too weak to explain the irrational behavior of Franck even begin. “Hello, you’re playing with your life here, boy!” The involvement of a policeman causes little, this figure with their clichés also have mutated into one of the biggest annoyances of the film.