Watch the divide movie?

The Divide (2011) on IMDb

Genres: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Releasing Date:  20 April 2012 (Ireland)

Director: Xavier Gens

Writers: Karl Mueller, Eron Sheean

Stars:  Lauren German, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Biehn

Language: English

Watch the divide movie and enjoy the special effects and drama of this movie.  The result is bound to be less dramatic in the special effects and the resources allocated since, with the exception of two scenes, it will focus on a handful of survivors, refugees in the bunker of an illuminated, deep in the building. The camera is then placed and the presentation of characters holed up in ignorance of the consequences of nuclear attack, led to a desire to manifest psychology. The horror announced, the violence inherent in visceral film genre, is confined to a set that of confinement, necessarily creepy, but also in human infancy, oppressed between the walls, which will gradually switch to the paranoia, the desire to dominate and to survive the inevitable monstrosity that nothing can suppress.



If we can blame the players have mouths a little too clean, we will not point any error of casting itself. Everyone bends gradually in a climate of insanity, which some qualify excessive or winded, but participates in the sense of chaos. The actors are all in their role, and beyond, and in this hell where the cutest become wildest, benefits Michael Biehn and Rosanna Arquette we salute. The buddy James Cameron, has now become dirty mouth bis film brings a wild ambiguity to his character whack the gun , when the old mignonette star of Desperately Seeking Susan , becomes the embodiment of a total human degradation , becoming the sex slave of a group , bruised in body and completely reached the meninges after the unexplained removal of her child. His role reminds us crossed its forbidden filmography , including his participation in the jubilant Cronenberg’s Crash .

In the end, the divide brand spirits. His description of humanity in agony, reduced to a handful of individuals, ready to devour and sentenced to chop the body corpses to avoid contamination and facilitate their elimination by the toilet is a show rough, psychologically bold temptation gore is thankfully avoided. If we can a priori People blame lay tracks to abandon immediately ( the appearance of an external threat … in fact scientists quickly appeared, disappeared quickly ), we forgive him the boldness of the implicit , the filmmaker wants to inflict the same level of ignorance as protagonists wallowing in the debris of civilization. Reducing us to the dregs of humanity, filmmaker is safe, before we get out of this microcosm of dirt in the most beautiful possible endings. Images significant safeguards for the last few minutes!