Watch Thor: The Dark World Movie ?

Thor: The Dark World (2013) on IMDb

Genres:  Action, Fantasy and Action

Releasing Date:  8 November 2013 (USA)

Director: Alan Taylor

Writers: Christopher Yost and Christopher Markus

Stars:  Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman

Language: English

Notes pre-much earlier-at any critical precedent: 1) Thor smiles and smells like Nenuco well, but, 2) do not know because the film the place just smells that projects, ie anything or everything, including fries and peach flavored chicken and Facebook, whose stench seeps through the clink suggestive Toning smartphone. 3) Your emotional width is at least questionable and also a challenge to the logic of maximalist hero was born very young and generating a lot of noise, like one of the family weddings disunity celebrating prematurely. Experience the wine, without exclamations. And, 4) Live Thor, but give the Lord the Pure hunting Marveliano. Yeah, turns out the polluted and pure cinema is a party (no matter what). That we are connected not by six degrees of separation, but by a router and a repeater cosmic whose signal breaks the laws of quantum mechanics, so that one can be in-for example, Vulcan while talking to his family – for example-Burgos. That not every cloud has a silver lining saga, and never too late if she called Natalie Portman and laughs as a nerd , or if he Hemsworth’s last name and uses a tubular rainbow to travel from New York to Asgard, carrying a hammer whose weight has no measure is such that it escapes any measurement and only obeys his master: he in fantastic terms. That is, Thor. A dry, but like an iceberg. Rubio and hardly placable. A god even in his native Australia. Things typecasting but not the film FACTS. That’s three-installment after the first holiday alone and earthlings to save the universe in The Avengers – the time that Chris Hemsworth has sheathed his dark suit and pristine and worn, but never torn, red cape. Again, Hollywood atrezzando the storm while running an ERE biceps and dismisses the adipose tissue that refuses to be burned in the world and in the body of the son of Odin. So and always cool. Do not you? “Be seen and heard” , say the priests, “is entertaining” , judge with a smile bitterly and mailbox; “Pss, is, yes, it goes well but is very … how can I say. .. for fans, that. Incondicionales and such ” . Translation: it works. It works the sound and image works. A luxury, seen (and heard) seen (and heard). What more can we ask for? What you see in 3D? Then we throw the house out the window, or do converge the Seven Worlds, whatever. A party movies. Whatever it takes.

Preliminary observations-very-a posteriori, wanting the pure Lord marveliano his senses slowly. For surely, a) Thor: The dark worldis not failed or anything like it, though, b) production costs are unnecessarily high because of the frivolity that involves, among other frivolities to 3D conversion or works not offer anything beyond amazing, eye-a hassle, even sometime exciting, and therefore works against the new director, Alan Taylor, who takes over the neat solvent and Kenneth Branagh. The Irish split with the franchise right after completing a film, powered by a casting with large side as Idris Elba and Anthony Hopkins. And, although the first episode with some touches of color, the bar was not very high. Moreover, it was easily overcome, since that first foray was not convinced that pass by there wondering who the blonde supermodel stroke Viking. Weigh today numbers in a franchise subject to post-Avengers effect, the perfect time bomb wiping out any doubt that had hung over the binomial Marvel-Disney before. Films is extremely sensitive to their own production system, which prioritizes the corn against the script. The numbers swell and rising budget just hopelessly forcing cuts during the production phase, with violent changes obey the call of the Lord of the Pure. Too much not enough to feed the hype for The Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron . Somehow, this sequel to Thor is just one of the three or four appetizers, among which include Iron Man 3 and still brand new Captain America: Winter Soldier – available Joss Whedon, screenwriter and director of large highlight . The 2015 blockbuster, no doubt.