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A touch of mind is a Drama movie. More than a protest cinema, Jia Zhang-Ke feeds an observational cinema. Director of documentaries such as “Public” and “Useless” has already described the acute state of China in transformation, whether in “24 City” or “Still Life”, a work that earned him the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival 2006. His new film is in this line, brewing four stories set in four different provinces, connected by tenuous son, but all drawn from various real facts, and telling individual discontent, facing a changing society, the deviance increasingly pronounced.  “A Touch of Sin” appears generally as a story broke, yet a rare consistency. Formed a series of stories showing the difficulty of working in China, change province, migrate or immigrate to resist the bosses who are always asking for more and fade against the big firms, it evokes canvas background mutations in a country suddenly plunged into the worst deviations of wild capitalism where individual dreams seem destined to be destroyed. Read Hollywood latest movies reviews and also watch your favorite Drama movies without any charges.
Still leaving a margin of rebellion to his characters, it is by flashes of violence that the director embodies a possible fight against all forms of exploitation (prostitution, factory work …). Film ample multiple environments, “A Touch of Sin” we walk between gigantism and tradition in the country sublime and terrifying modern China multifaceted and denounces the growing inequality and the exploitation of the weak by the richer. It ends on a cautionary level, showing a set of faces of spectators a classical play such as pretending encourage each of them to accept his share of blame for the current situation. As if only a few have dared to denounce the injustices of a system. Read online movies reviews without register.