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Turbo (2013) on IMDb

Genres:  Animation | Adventure | Comedy

Releasing Date:  17 July 2013 (USA)

Director:  David Soren

Writers: Darren Lemke (screenplay), Robert D. Siegel

Stars:  Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Maya Rudolph

Language: English

Watch Turbo movie and see the wonderful animation through this hollywood movie. This is a complete family film. After reading the synopsis, many of you will say that they have read the same summary recently … but with a plane instead of the mollusk . On reflection , the screenplay based on ” Turbo” ( the nickname of the snail not banal able to go very fast … ) is quite close to that of ” Planes” and thus the first episode of “Cars .” The difference ? An effective and funny site , taking advantage of the tremendous gap between snail and speed , especially real characters , endearing , and if one can say … humans.

Not only because the two brothers snails ( turbulent and wise , adventurous and stored ) are great in their relationship based on mutual misunderstanding so buddy -movie, but the corresponding human duo ( two vendors Mexican tacos ) is stalk that touching. Looking for a way to make their business a little geeky around the edges, they do not know what to choose after including disguised as tacos and churros … And here is one of two launched in the race with his silent friend and a fun band disturbed the noggin, snails tuning enthusiasts believe to be fast.



Of course , the passages in the race ( against nature, as against the real cars) does not escape the clichés ( the charismatic champion … not so nice ), but the creativity is at the rendezvous , the scenario leveraging perfectly the differences between humans and molluscs, introducing objects in a world of fun and drawing up another parallel ( the terrifying mower , tomato as a Grail, the supercharged drink … ) . So big and small may well feast .