Watch Words and Pictures 2014 Movie ?

Director: Fred Schepisi

Writer: Gerald Di Pego

Stars: Clive Owen, Juliette Binoche and Bruce Davison

Releasing Date: 23 May 2014 (USA)

Genres:  Comedy, Drama and Romance

IMDb Rating: 7.0

Plot: What a promising start: English teacher Jack Marcus teaches at a school in New England, drinks and is both charming and exhausting. When the artist Dina Delsanto new comes to the school to take over the art course, he feels by the remark of his colleagues, it was icy, challenged immediately and involved them in his favorite game – the alphabet to words with possible to find many syllables. Read Comedy Movies reviews online without pay any charges.

Here are funny word skirmish, supported by the good main characters between which the sparks fly and almost believed in the midst of a really successful romantic comedy in the tradition of Hepburn / Tracy or When Harry Met Sally . Even the little compelling idea that Marcus and Delsanto fight a war on the effect of words and pictures, carries the film at first, because they behave like adults and quickly realize that they can motivate with this “war” their lethargic, results-oriented students . however, the longer the film goes on, the clearer it becomes that from this promising beginning nothing is done. Watch movies online free streaming without create any membership account.

The alcohol problems by Jack Marcus simply be treated as part of his character, about their possible backgrounds is nothing to learn. The fact that he is a writer who has not written anything in a while, one learns the way. Even that teaching is not a last resort for him, but a passion, he must mention several times. Against this flat plant Clive Owen plays in resistant, but it can not compensate for any weakness in the characterization as well. Dina Delsanto is drawn as a character a little rounder: She’s a celebrated painter, but suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, so that they can hardly paint. The loss of physical conditions, they can hardly bear her rags so is, however, only indicated. Although Juliette Binoche enough a short twitching of the face to make palpable the whole Pain, a development does not go through her ​​character though. Also, the script falls apart from the well-known “hard shell, soft core” only a little more to it. Nevertheless, the star of the biggest asset of the film remains: Clive Owen plays with a lot of charm a cranky, word love losers, Juliette Binoche sets in Delsanto an unrivaled blend of vulnerability and astringency – and the chemistry is right between them.