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Genres:  Animation | Adventure | Comedy

Releasing Date: 2 November 2012 (USA)

Director:  Rich Moore

Writers:  Rich Moore

Stars: John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch

Language: English


Rich Moore, to whom we owe several episodes of hit series “The Simpsons ” or ” Futurama ” , was entrusted with the difficult task of juggling the world of video games to make the newest Disney . Perfect demonstration of the influence of the new Pixar label on the brand with big ears, this film wants much more sassy and bold as the Disney classics .

The writers will then multiply the fun finds to confuse and surprise the audience. The main protagonist and has none of the usual characteristics of hero cartoons , on the contrary , it is ironically a brute who wants to be the kind that kids admire. Exhausted and tired of knock out anything that moves, he decided to leave his game for exploring other worlds where he hopes to have the chance to become that he dreams . And it is cleverly that the cables that connect the various arcade games become railways, axes to pass from one world to another .


Family entertainment and unifying , it is very subtle that ” Ralph worlds ” are emerging as an archetype of Christmas movie . On a frantic pace , the movie animation multiplies gags , spreading the word and reminding us of the importance of values ​​such as friendship , acceptance of the other, or tolerance. The trip will then be built around three worlds : the Fix -It Felix Jr., marked by the famous Donkey Kong inspiration , another in the tradition of great FPS games , and last filled marshmallows and sweets, so Mario -Kart for girls .



Obviously, an undeniable nostalgia sweat of the image, especially in the scenes of central station where all the little characters we loved our control during childhood are found . Unfortunately , the film just to maintain a level of quality over the entire length. After a promising start , the magic fades , and even ends up somewhat bored.


However, the turn made ​​by Disney for some time is the most interesting. And if this latest installment of the studio has some shortcomings , the many references and sophomoric humor nevertheless delight young and older children. The sequence of incidents is perfectly despised, especially as they are made available to the same worst neophytes video games . If we regret the unpleasant excess of good feelings, ” The worlds of Ralph ” remain an excellent animated movie with the merit of the established codes upset . Next level !