Watch X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 Movie ?

Director: Bryan Singer

Writers: Simon Kinberg and Jane Goldman

Stars: Patrick StewartIan McKellenHugh Jackman

Releasing Date: 23 May 2014 (USA)

Genres:  Action, Adventure and Fantasy

Plot: As the video reveals, Charles Xavier is subjected to a treatment by armed Hank ‘Beast’ McCoy that allows you to walk again; but if it were that simple it would not be proper to the saga: the treatment has a dangerous side effect. Now Professor X can walk, it is true, but in exchange for sacrificing what has characterized him to become who he was: Mutant be left to benefit himself. The final formation of X-Men fight a war for the survival of the species in two different time periods. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the original characters of the trilogy X-Men join forces with themselves years ago, in an epic battle that will change the past to save the future. Read Fantasy Movies reviews online for free without pay any charges.

The cast of X-Men: Days of the Future Past evidence is certainly the most ambitious installment of the franchise as it gathers old friends from the original trilogy with the New Mutants … or their younger versions.

In the film we find Sir Ian McKellen (Magneto), Patrick Stewart (Professor X), James McAvoy (Professor X, in her past), Michael Fassbender (Magneto, in her past), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) , Halle Berry (Storm), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Anna Paquin (Rogue), Ellen Page (Gatasombra), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman), Evan Peters (Mercury), Booboo Stewart (Warpath / Warpath), Lucas Till (Kaos), Omar Sy (Bishop), Daniel Cudmore (Colossus), Fan Bingbing (Flash), Josh Helman (William Striker) and Adan Canto (Sunspot). You can download movies free without create any sign up account.

The film is the second largest production of 20th Century Fox’s history, second only to James Cameron’s Avatar, and most ambitious installment of the series filmed to date. In it the characters of the original trilogy of X-Men join forces with their younger versions we saw in X-Men: First Class to fight a battle that is at stake the survival of their species.

X-Men: Days of the Future Past will be released on May 23 next year. In 2016 will come the recently announced X-Men Apocalypse.