Watch Wild Oats 2016 Movie?

Director: Andy Tennant
Writers: Gary Kanew, Claudia Myers
Stars: Jessica Lange, Demi Moore, Shirley MacLaine
The “Wild Oats” comedy film tells the story of Eva, a widow who gives the blow of his life when mistakenly receives a check from Social Security of $ 900,000. Really it should have received one of $ 900, but prefers to say nothing and collect the money you give, although not legal. Eva decides to say nothing and leave travel to Gran Canaria with her best friend Maddie,┬ábut the case is discovered and become fugitive of justice. In addition, both begin to cause a sensation in the media.

Thanks to this woman travels with her best friend to Las Vegas, which makes all the media talk about it and that state security forces seeking to recover the nearly million dollars has been. Check More Comedy Movies reviews and also give yours.

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