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Watch In the Heart of the Sea 2015 Movie?

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Director: Ron Howard

Running Time: 2 Hour 1 Minutes

Writers: Charles Leavitt (screenplay), Charles Leavitt(story)

Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson

Imdb Rating: Not Yet

Releasing Date11 December 2015 (USA)

 Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

Plot: In the Heart of the Sea is a 2015 upcoming epic historical adventure thriller, drama movie based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s a non fiction book of the same name. This book is about the sinking of the American whaling ship Essex in 1820. This movie is directed by Ron Howard and Writers by Charles Leavitt (screenplay), Charles Leavitt (story). This movie shows 1820 event, a whaling ship is preyed upon by a sperm whale, stranding its crew at sea for 90 days, thousands of miles from home.

This movie based upon a real life event and adapted from Nathaniel Philbrick’s 2000 National Book Award winner. In the Heart of the Sea shows the tragedy of the Whaleship Essex, Chris Hemsworth stars as 19th-century seaman Owen Chase, a first mate aboard the whaling ship Essex. Chase and his crew  played by Cillian Murphy, Benjamin Walker, and Tom Holland must attempt to survive in nearly impossible conditions after a seemingly very large whale wrecks their ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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