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Sweetwater (2013) on IMDb

Genres:  Thriller | Western

Releasing Date:  11 October 2013 (USA)

Director:   Logan Miller

Writers: Andrew McKenzie (story), Logan Miller (screenplay)

Stars:  Ed Harris, January Jones, Jason Isaacs

Language: English

Directors and writers in 2008 , the sports drama novel “Touching Home” (already with Ed Harris) , the Logan and Noah Miller brothers return to cinema with a project as atypical as risky, they unfortunately do not master all the ins and outs . Directed by Logan only (Noah is co-writer) , this ” Sheriff Jackson” anachronistic yet have been quite a surprise . Watch sweetwater movie, the new creativity of Logaqn Miller.


For this film, nicely crossed and formally quite successful, is a western, and the western female at that. The protagonist is not in any way that Sheriff Jackson ( Ed Harris, still very good, even in complete freewheel ) touted by the French title, but rather the pretty vengeful interpreted by January Jones ( Emma Frost diamond- “X – Men: First Class ” ), which begins to decimate almost the entire cast after the death of her farmer husband nice .



Face it ( and crazy sheriff came back some order in a city abandoned ) , the excellent Jason Isaacs finds his usual array of ugly here in the skin of a religious fanatic terifiant and tyrannical , and whose flocks are a sacred piece of degenerate humanity ( a corrupt banker, voyeur shopping , etc. . ) . It is he who forms the best this film a little vain , wobbly in his humor and the most daring ideas that never comes electrify the handful of summary executions by the heroine transformed into monolithic clone Terminator .


In the genre of ” female revenge in the Wild West ,” it is reasonable to prefer the masterful ” Dead or Alive ” by Sam Raimi (with Sharon Stone angel of death ) to falsely branchouille damp squib , the posters are trying sell us substitute Tarantino

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