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Watch Cassadaga movie ?

Cassadaga (2011) on IMDb

Genres:  Horror | Thriller

Releasing Date:  11 October 2013 (USA)

Director: Anthony DiBlasi

Writers:  Bruce Wood (story), Scott Poiley

Stars:  Kelen Coleman, Avis-Marie Barnes, Kevin Alejandro

Language: English

Anthony DaBlasi, who has recently provided with the Clive Barker adaptation “Dread ” stir in the horror film scene, is his second feature-length film for the best. Unlike in his last post , in which he quite skillfully focused on the psychological Investigating human primal fears , director Anthony DiBlasi served us with ” Watch Cassadaga movie” a rather conventional knitted horror film that only quite superficial uses of psychological rail and selbige in the film hardly attention is .

Too bad, because already the introduction into the events of “Cassadaga ” read such a hope. A small joyous boy is caught by the mother at the puppet show with some puppets and consistently punished for his “inclination “.


A few decades later adult man, the dominant education of the mother, so now mentally marked that he draws from then through the gardens to overpower innocent women and procrastinate in your own hobby room. There “works” he his female victims into grotesque puppets to order then to amuse themselves sexually to the suffering of defenseless beings. Who here still believes that DiBlasi explores the psyche of a serial killer, is wrong?

Rather, the few grotesquely illustrated scenes from the hobby DIY basement are only for scattered at the scene to make it more interesting ” Cassadaga “ also horror fans and to make the movie a little darker and more lurid, because actually, the film has these redundant parallel plot does not necessary and may not match the tone of the actual events somehow. That the trained viewers the connection between the right -emergent aggressive spirit and the parallel – serial killer story told at first seems logical is unfortunately one of the major drawbacks of “Cassadaga” , because this is unfortunately far too quickly seen and not really new.


The story of the raging spirit that calls for the dissolution of his tragic death has the genre world too often discussed and harbors, despite some proper form interspersed torture – ordeal – snippets, not entirely new facets. Nevertheless, “Cassadaga” surprised but with some very pleasant moments with the viewers guessing about the identity of the perverse madman holds the entire film running time about belonging to Trapp .

Switchen that the permanent back and forth between ghosts and killer genre to stand out some ugly logic carver and fall strangely intrusive coincidences and unnecessary plot lines into the weight , you do not like DiBlasi blame , especially since his re- excursion hardly has disturbing lengths to the fantastic genre, and nearly two to entertain for hours entertaining white.