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Director: Rob Zombie
Writer: Rob Zombie
Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Richard Brake, Jeff Daniel Phillips
Releasing Date: 16 September 2016 (USA)
Genres: Horror, Thriller

PLOT: 31 is a perfect encapsulation of the reasons why: It’s a fanboy’s highlight reel of homages, without any of the credibility or context that made most of the films he’s inspired by so fine. A group of circus friends are traveling with your motorhome when, in the middle of the night, they will be assaulted by several masked. Upon awakening you will realize that they are victims of a macabre game in which their lives serve as a bet between twisted people who enjoy watching struggling to survive. Rob Zombie returns to the path marked in its infancy with a more traditional film and less personally and his previous film, the Lords of Salem. Its resources are not innovative because continues to insist much on the slow motion and the freeze frame, as usual if we look back on his earlier work. Of course, this time we will have the opportunity to see their darkest and disturbing work by far to date. As for the script, by the director, possibly we are at their weakest point, because if something we should blame 31 is your little innovation, from the clear and obvious reminiscences Pursued by Arnold Schwarzenegger or many elements of the new wave of gore French are present throughout the film. Something that has always stood out in the films of this director has been that their productions are always very aesthetic, with very carefully and with their musical compositions photograph his films had more than video clips of movies traditional. This is a clear evolution in the film career of the director and for better or worse, I’m glad that this means that the film is still able to evolve.

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It is true that 31 is producing less than their usual repeat, yes we will see some familiar faces seen in previous works like Malcolm McDowell, Meg Foster or his wife and muse throughout his career Sheri Moon Zombie, are some of the names They are returning to trust this particular principal. As for the performances of these, I’ll say more in this section highlight the makeup department and characterization that the same actors, who despite being right does give us great performances. Check more Horror Movies reviews and also give yours.

31 (2016)