Watch Everybody in Our Family movie ?

Everybody in Our Family (2012) on IMDb

Genres:  Drama

Releasing Date:  18 October 2012 (Hungary)

Director:  Radu Jude

Writers:  Radu Jude (screenplay), Corina Sabau (screenplay)

Stars: Serban Pavlu, Sofia Nicolaescu, Gabriel Spahiu

Language: English

Watch everybody in our family movie, a real dramatic movie. In addition to the French and American movies, other countries are often summarized on our screens for the general public, some big names. In this sense, Spain is such Almodovar , Farhadi Iran or Romania Mungiu . The latter, winner of Cannes twice, including the Palme d’Or, became the director by irradiating the Romanian cinema internationally. It is proclaimed here that it is not the only one! The relief came in the person of Radu Jude, which strikes us a slap with his dad Sunday.



The film begins as the daily mundane of a divorced couple whose father comes to fetch his daughter during his weekend custody. A visit to her parents already announces color. Grandfather seems friendly, colorful, eventually becoming hysterical; breaking the family tensions that rub off on all the characters, except Sofia, child, little innocent will be watched helplessly as the madness of adults. This is especially Marius father desperate to limit the borderline, which will oscillate between love and hate eventually lose control of the situation, when he refuses her ex takes his daughter to the sea filmmaker demonstrated great subtlety, leaving the viewer the freedom to judge, showing the way that nothing is all black or all white, nothing is more difficult here to take sides.


Several factors suggest “A Separation” by Asghar Farhadi: family drama, behind closed doors in the apartment, intense dialogues and uninterrupted as the inability of the characters to communicate and get along. But where the Iranian filmmaker remains in severity, Radu Jude manages to make us smile by the overreaction of its protagonist. But it is a smile tinged with sadness, given the impasse looming. This squeaky chronic, such a shock, prevents the viewer to be passive and place witnessed an unsolvable crisis. In this time where every day flower burning controversy, a film that encourages both reflection is good.