Watch Face Jug movie ?

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Genres:    Drama | Horror | Thriller

Releasing Date:   9 August 2013 (USA)

Director:  Chad Crawford Kinkle

Writers:   Chad Crawford Kinkle

Stars:  Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter, Kaitlin Cullum

Language: English


Watch Face Jug movie, this is a horror, drama and thriller movie. “Face Jug “by Chad Crawford Kinkle is a low- budget horror – melodrama that draws on a very curious kind in its spell. Has often said the “backwoods communities” a delightful film material: thus M. Night Shyamalan used the theme for a mystery thriller, while Debra Granik sought an authentic viewing in “winter’s Bone “.

The grotesque special effects that are being worked with here are recognizable cheap, heavy “old school” – and somehow … interesting! The same applies to the representation of a blur in the held , smeared with mud , young figure who emerges occasionally – which quite threatening acts , but later is unintentionally funny in the first place .


Quite exciting (for genre fans) is the unpredictability: While horror works usually already enough a concise summary, in order to properly predict which characters will survive and which do not, you are actually here (in triplicate) stunned.



One could accuse the film that it leaves the viewer a little perplexed. Because a “punch line “does not exist. Why what happens happens, you will not learn. The bias sets in colorful chalk drawings show how the ritual works pits, there would have been an outsider, but have a few questions.

Why act as a mediator Davai just about – or: Why bring him such confidence in the community, although it is apparently not too highly regarded? Who is bothered by a lack of answers is likely to frustrate rather ‘ Jug Face’.


An unusual blend of hillbilly study and Cinema of Cruelty, which is able to bind with a minimum of means. The horror burglaries are cranky, the spectacle is impressive – and overall, much remains unanswered.