Watch Odd Thomas movie ?

Odd Thomas (2013) on IMDb

Genres:    Mystery | Thriller

Releasing Date:    17 July 2013 (Philippines)

Director: Stephen Sommers

Writers:  Stephen Sommers (screenplay), Dean R. Koontz

Stars:  Anton Yelchin, Ashley Sommers, Leonor Varela

Language: English


“Watch Odd Thomas movie” by Stephen Sommers (“The Mummy ” ) is based on the novel series by Dean R. Koontz. A genre classification of the work is quite difficult because it is a mash-up of different elements. Fantasy-/Horror-Motive to meet Action-/Thriller-Momente ; tells both a love and a criminal history – and all this is pervaded by a dialogue wit and sometimes quite nasty humor , but has a melodramatic final turn. Moreover, one cans “Odd Thomas “as a coming- of-age, and even as a superhero movie called. Although the work is not convincing in all areas equally, it is an attractive piece of popular cinema in the result.



The film is rather average in crime specialist, in relation to the question of what crime is going to happen or who will commit to it and where it takes place. The red herrings, to which the writer tries to put the viewer can be easy to spot, hidden clues are too obvious – and the resolution is despite the addition of supernaturalism not original than the end of an ordinary episode of the teenage detective series “Veronica Mars “. How do seem to have little interest in their crime plot the makers, evident not least in the fact that the motive for the crime after the fact – is called in a nutshell – in a voice-over by Odd.


Decidedly better work “Odd Thomas “on the action, fantasy, romance and comedy territory. Start and end points are very action – and demonstrated summer that he has talent for designing dynamic sequences. So one learns Odd know in the course of an underlaid with uptempo music chase: ” I ​​do something about it,” he says from the off, after he informed the audience that he can see the dead and those it notes on their killer can give, he hunts a killer through the quaint small-town gardens and provides him with a fierce slugfest in which such lot is going to break.


Humor and heart, action and horror, likeable characters and beautifully discordant Actors: “Odd Thomas” is a great movie experience with small weaknesses. The rapid pace and the associated joke outweigh the mediocre crime story.