Watch GOAT 2016 Movie?

Director: Andrew Neel
Writers: David Gordon Green, Brad Land
Stars: Ben Schnetzer, Nick Jonas, Gus Halper
Releasing Date: 23 September 2016 (USA)
Running Time: 1 Hours 36 min
Genres: Drama


The story tells a 19-year-old enters the same university as his brother and tries to join his fraternity. College life is full of new experiences, parties, girls and many friends. But the freshmen must also overcome a series of hazing if they want to join the brotherhood. It is at that time when loyalty Brad has toward his brother is challenged violently and unexpectedly. “GOAT” is directed by Andrew Neel, the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

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One of the most attractive parts of this movie (regardless of the participation of Nick Jonas and James Franco) is that the events that we see are based on real life. Basically, “GOAT”, a film which will test the loyalty of the members of a college fraternity, what will be done to join the group?┬áCheck More Drama Movies reviews and also give yours.

GOAT 2016