Watch One Direction: This Is Us (2013) movie?

One Direction: This Is Us (2013) on IMDb

Genres:  Documentary | Music

Releasing Date: 6 September 2013

Director: Morgan Spurlock

Producers: Simon cowell, Adam milano, Ben winston

Stars: Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles.

Language: English


Watch One direction: this is us movie to enjoy the real music. One Direction “is a music group (the term would be” Boy band “) British / Irish emerged in 2010. The story of the British pop band journey. One Direction: This Is Us is all. This is the TV show” The X Factor “comes to be a kind of” Operation triumph “. We follow the boys on their “Take Me Home” tour culminating in the famous O2 Arena in London. It is about this show that the film seals around and it is from here that we are taken back to the time during the X Factor. They were all solo artists. We also get an insight into each family member along with their fans.


I find it hard to take this documentary seriously for several reasons. The first because I do not like their music, I’ve never done it and I do not know if I can say that I will ever do it. Therefore, it is difficult for me to imagine in any corner besides skeptic when it comes to This Is Us. I do not hear the music and I find it hard to get any connection to the guys in the boy band. Watch One Direction: This Is Us is best for the music loving people.


This Is Us is a harmless little documentary that surprised me. It has mostly to do with Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) has been behind the camera and tried to tighten up this ship. That, along with the film has its moments of good-looking but equally some 3D effects make This Is Us to something harmless. It’s a film that could have been much worse, but with the help of talented filmmakers behind the scenes guided the project to something that is actually going to put over against.



It is a documentary that will pull in big money. It is a documentary film that will fly up to biotopes worldwide. But it is not because it is a rewarding, amazing documentary. No, it is for the boy band group has among its legion of fans that are to come by and they will go and see this again, and again. To end on a good note, I like the choice to record This Is Us in 3D. At first I was skeptical, but some way into the film I realized what a great depth it gave the camera pointed out over the screaming Audience. Less pleasant was the contrast to get their microphones pushed up in the face repeatedly. People who love music, this is the best movie for them.


Moreover, I think the film achieves something difficult that ultimately meritorious. Film achieves all we are interested in what we are told although not like the topic or in this case the group. The fluid mount knows skip through tracks to a witness, superb sound editing appreciable. Only if seen in a movie theater and working conditions in post production that includes a clever use of computer graphics, slowdowns straight out of a movie and even 3D. These very discreet latter are three qualities that have made me go really well watching this title.