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Genres:    Documentary | Biography | History

Releasing Date: 6 September 2013 (USA)

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Writers: Jessica Lawson, Ryan White

Stars:  Freda Kelly, John Lennon, Paul McCartney

Language: English

As secretary of The Beatles, Freda Kelly had one of the most coveted jobs in the world and was witness of an era. Jealously guarded the secrets of the band and refused to talk about it for 50 years. Until now, thanks to “Good Ol ‘ Freda “ . So watch Good Ol’ Freda movie to know the real facts.

In 1962 , a shy 17-year Liverpool was chosen by the Beatles’ manager , Brian Epstein , to be the secretary of the band, a post he held for the meteoric trajectory of the ” Fab Four” thanks to its loyalty and dedication . “She always said I was in the right place at the right time, but I do not valued enough,” he told Efe Ryan White, the director of the documentary, which will premiere on September 6.

“Many others were there. Had to see his personality. Was in his DNA. ‘s A rational person, a fan of the band , but not a fanatic . Saw her as a woman who loved his music and he was not going to climb to the head’s sweet and charming, but also tough when it should, “he added.

In 1963 , The Beatles recorded a Christmas special where you could listen to George Harrison to thank ” Freda Kelly in Liverpool” and then John Lennon , Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr exclaim : “Good Ol ‘ Freda ”


That is the title chosen by White for his work, told through the memories of a 68 year old woman who decided to open his heart before the passage of time condemned to oblivion those stories , but especially for his grandson had recorded three years she lived .


The chosen for this was White, a family friend and nephew of Billy Kinsley, a member of The Mersey beats, who acted in The Cavern with The Beatles.


“I met Freda all my life, but never knew it was the secretary of The Beatles. Wanted to do this as a legacy for his family,” said the director, who drew about 50 hours of footage of his conversations with Freda.


The film has a testimony of Ringo Starr ( ” Freda was like part of the family ,” he says ) and with four original songs by The Beatles ( “I Saw Her Standing There” , “Love Me Do” , ” I Feel Fine” and ” I Will” ) – a rarity in film – with the help of McCartney.

” I knew that I wanted to do the film, but the humility of Freda came to infect me . She always wondered why people would be interested in the history of a secretary. But I firmly believe that his life deserved to be told . ‘s A last major story about The Beatles. And there has never been before, ” he said.

As head of the group’s fan club , which once numbered more than 70,000 members worldwide , Freda not only answered all of them, but that was responsible for sending signed photos , locks of hair , nail clippings , clothing and even gum chewed by members of the group.



Freda also explains the internal tensions, nights on the town with them, how he had to hide romances Lennon and how bad it happened when the musician wanted to play a joke and pretend fired after a heated argument.


“His story humanizes the Beatles in a way that nobody has done before. Were some kids who suddenly became a global phenomenon? And Freda was there for them at all times,” said White, who did not hesitate to ask ask if you went to any of the components.


The answer you cautious and restrained test was all those years. “This moment reflects who he is and is one of the things that people like. That was his life. Never responded, but he did so lovely,” he said .


His loyalty was such that, after the dissolution of the group, decided to distribute almost all items that kept the Beatles among fans, instead of enriching them. “No regrets. Has some things but not sell ever. Believe it is the person you least money tempts you know,” said the director. White Freda sees a survivor. The last piece of the puzzle needed to gain a full picture on a key period. “I never took advantage of his position or betrayed anyone. I have no doubt that it is a unique person in the history of music,” he said.