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    A Single Shot (2013) on IMDb

    Genres: Crime | Drama | Thriller

    Releasing Date:    20 September 2013 (USA)

    Director: David M. Rosenthal

    Writers:   Matthew F. Jones (novel), Matthew F. Jones(screenplay)

    Stars:    Sam Rockwell, Kelly Reilly, Jeffrey Wright

    Language: English


    Watch a Single Shot movie, this film describes both the solitude and slow despair of a man who has failed at everything and live in a mobile home in the woods, tucked away in a remote village. His desperate attempt is to reconnect with his wife, with whom he is divorcing, and therefore with her ​​baby. After mistakenly shot a young woman he sees in a briefcase found near the body, a solution to all his problems, ignoring the gear he just trigger. (more…)

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