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Argo (2012) on IMDb

Genres:   Biography | Drama | History

Releasing Date: 12 October 2012 (USA)

Director:  Ben Affleck

Stars: Chris Terrio (screenplay), Tony Mendez

Language: English

“Watch Argo movie” this is the third embodiment of the actor Ben Affleck . Rather kindly received for ” Gone Baby Gone ” , he divided with his thriller ” The Town .” Here he starts this time in the spy film , the surprising mix of genres that the film operates suddenly by the solution to the six prisoners out of this mess .

Because instead of giving them bicycles to cross the border, or to pass them for teachers, the CIA convinced the officials to mount a fake movie Canada , called “Argo” , and make them to be members of the team: writer , responsible for identifying, director, assistant producer , and others.


The comedy takes precedence over the suspense , doubling the possibilities of movie playback. Because one does not exclude the other , and the marriage succeeds very well in the third part of the documentary less close than the first. It must be said that the appearance of John Goodman in special effects and that of Alan Arkin in sullen producers, for many in the paint vitriol of an upstart Hollywood and ultra- codified . The scathing replicas can defuse the tension mounted in the first part , with a nice critique of the system , decorated with tributes to early science – fiction, recent success of ” Star Wars ” requires .



Ben Affleck himself interprets the lead role, Tony Mendez, as agent absorbed by his profession, he has lost most . Without overdoing it , the scenario approach their family problems and pointing here and there is a different emotion . Almost unrecognizable from invasive hair and bushy beard , the actor has one of his best performances .


He realizes at the same time an exciting work footprint scent of a time when technology had not yet invaded everything and where the ingenuity of the spy was the main asset before the number of horses of his vehicle or ability of his pencil to become a formidable weapon. Between formidable comedy spy movie how ” the President’s Men ,” ” Argo ” finally found a happy balance.